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The Day I Will Dance Again

Traditional dance forms an integral part of the Rwandan culture. Dance is a key ingredient of ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings and...

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Can Gorillas Contract COVID- 19?

Before the lockdown was instituted in Rwanda, visits and research activities in three national parks were suspended amid fears of exposing...

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Touring Lake Kivu Aboard Iliza Houseboat

We set sail in the afternoon and cruised around a cluster of islands I am obsessed with. As we did so, we marveled at those picturesque isles...

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Strangers with whom I shared a dormitory

After an adventurous day along the Rutsiro segment of the Congo Nile Trail, I made it to Karongi late and hanged out with a couple of tourists...

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Banana Diplomacy

There is a cluster of isles that look like floating gardens off the shore of Karongi. Monkey Island, which is home to a handful of monkeys, is...

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Coffee Break

Rain interrupted my Kicukiro-bound motorcycle ride forcing me to seek refuge in a roadside coffee shop. It was one of those long downpours...

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